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Your 50 Favorite Games of All Time!

Hey guys!

If you didn't realize: On November 12, there will be exactly 50 days before the start of the New Year.

So I thought, hey! Wouldn't it be fun to start a personal "50 Favorite Games" thread starting on the 12th, continuing all the way to December 31, when the number one favorite game is revealed? But why should I have all the fun? It'd be great for the whole community to participate to show others on VGC our favorite games of all time!

So, I figured we can have sign ups. But! It's really important that we keep this thread uncluttered and in control (don't worry, I'll have a seperate thread on the 12th so that we can discuss each others choices!) so that everyone has the chance to have a fun and easy time making their top 50 games.

If you're wondering why I'm making this thread so early, it's for two reasons:

  • We want as many people to participate as possible! The more the merrier.
  • We want you to think long and hard about your top 50 games! We don't want you to forget a special game now do we?

December 31st (Game #1) Finish Up Your List!

So here's the rules!

The Rules Part 1: Getting Started!

1.  Only post once in this thread. ONCE! This is hugely important because it allows this thread to be clutter free when we start up on Nov. 12th.

2.  Your ONE post will be confirmation that you are participating in this thread. I will add you when I see your ONE post.

3.  Your ONE post will be where you continue to edit in your favorite games once November 12th takes place (and finishes on December 31st).

4.  If you have any questions, do NOT ask them on this thread. Please post on the Discussion Thread!

5. Keep your lists to yourselves until the 12th! The fun is in the surprise! And the discussion is very fun with all the favorites being placed!

The Rules Part 2: Making Your List!

1.  For each day starting November 12th, you will post one game daily! We don't want anyone getting ahead... where's the fun in that?

2. Don't worry if you miss a day! Just edit in the amount of games you missed up to the correct day we're on. I don't mind you catching up, I just don't want people going ahead!

3. I don't care how you make your top 50 list, as long as it goes from #50 to #1 during November 12th to December 31st.

4. I'm sorry to say that I will NOT be allowing games released after November 12th in our lists (Not even Sonic Colors... *sniff*)

5. Please refrain from posting Collections, Compilations, and the like. Please count each game seperately. Do what you will with Remakes, Ports, and Expansions.

6. Please include the hardware that you played your game on, Example: NinjaBread Man (Wii)

7. For each game, let's have a MAXIMUM of one image/boxart plus additional commentary. We're sharing this thread guys, and anything more would probably break this site! :P

The Discussion Thread!