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kain_kusanagi said:
Rafux said:

With the Unreal engine It remains me too much to Batman Arkhanm Asylum I actually think that Heavenly Sword had better graphics and it also had a better launch week. Enslaved will probably reach 1.5 M combined PS3and 360

Heavenly Sword launched when there was literaly nothing else to play. In it's first week it sold 104,593 while Enslaved in it's first week has sold 82,745 in the middle of one of the most packed year of this generation. Blockbuster and blockbuster has been released month after month. Gamers are spoiled for games to play and they can't buy them all. Enslaved deserved better, but gamers are either busy with other games like Halo Reach or waiting for games like Black Ops, Fable 3, and GT5. But as of right now it's only 21,848 behind Heavenly sword and it could easily pick up a lot more sales as the holiday season heats up. You're pridiction of 1.5m combined fits in with Heavenly Sword which after it's 20th week is at 1.4m. Who knows, it might, it deserved better sales since it's a better game than Heavenly sword in every way.

As for the graphics. Batman AA? What are you talking about? It looks nothing like Batman AA. And what's wrong with the Unreal Engine? Some of the best looking and playing games this generation run on the Unreal Engine. Yeah, and I think Enslaved is one of the best looking games of this gen. It might have a glitch here or there and it might show some rough edges from time to time, but overall it's breathtakingly beautifull.

I played the Enslaved demo I think is a fun game the gameplay was simple but fun, I hated Heavenly Sword didn't even finished the demo but the graphics were very good, I'm not saying that the Unreal engine is bad, the thing that bothers me is that the characters have a similar frame and build so for me its kind of generic its like Uncharted engine for example the characters are skinny and tall but only Uncharted uses that engine, also the camera behind and slightly close to the character in Enslaved is very similar to Batman AA.