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Innovalias said: Blip said: Kwaad said: I never liked the NES much. Most of the games were to shallow for me. The controls were good enough. I always stuck to playing computer games. . This seems like an odd statement from someone who is supposedly 22. Would you not have been born around the time the NES came out in the US? Being 22, it seems to me you would barely have been old enough to appeciate the SNES. I also agree with the sentiment of the thread's originator. I will stay loyal to Nintendo as long as they are around. Lol. Don't take any criticism about depth from this educated 22 year old who obviously majors in business statistics and law. He says that the Wii is gimmicky... -Nintendo kept the Wii controller design, in spite of initial mainstream criticism. (Sony trashed the original ps3 controller design because of it's utter lack of popularity) -Nintendo never made empty promises about gameplay OR graphics performance. (Remember G4's interview with Jack Tretton? Sure, Mr. Sony, that Killzone footage is all real-time gameplay) -Nintendo never has resorted to 'bashing' another producer/developer (Random Sony higer-up: The Wii is an impulse buy) -Nintendo's NES originated the "depth" in gaming, despite what Mr. Gwaad, who apparently played the NES after it's initial hit, believes. -Nintendo seeks to broaden the video gaming audience. (Sony seeks to isolate lower-income and less hardcore gamers with overuse of technology and overall cost) I'm not a Sony hater, Mr. Dwaad, but I am a realist. The impact of Nintendo on gaming isn't something to belittle. As you so intelligently observed, Sony did get it's PS3 idea from Nintendo. Simply because Shigeru Miyamoto and company saved modern video games before you were ever born. Do you honestly think, had it not been for the NES and SNES that Sony would even be in the gaming biz? Sony designed games for both of those systems before branching off and developing the PS line.
First of all the "original" controller design was a stock design. One that many have seen before. Only people that were worried were the people who really thought it was the controllers design. Seriously, do you think sony cares about people having a hissy fit over their design? Second of all no business man promises you anything and if you believe them then you are a fool. Tretton really doesn't know what he was talking about but even then I am pretty sure he mentioned that it was real time. There is a large difference between real time and gameplay. Perrin Kaplan (Nintendo of America's Vice President) says, "Well, we didn't have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system. So there's one sign of the different approaches between our two companies...." It seems like nintendo does "bash". Calling the Wii an impulse buy is not a bash. Saying it is underpowered or unimportant is. In some peoples view the PS3 is way to expensive for the average consumer, the wii is an impulse buy, and the 360 recieves residual sales. Those aren't bashes more like guessing customer intent on a product instead of attacking the product itself. I have no idea what depth you are talking about. As far as what sony aims to do, I do not think you ever listened to what they have said. They aren't aiming to make their sales right away. They depend on the hardcore first then try to push down cost of manufacturing so it can be acceptable to an even a larger amount of people. Sony has not really changed their tactics since the original PS1. The PS1 and the PS2 seems to have reached a wider audience than any of their competitors during the same time period. 100 million + for each generation. Sony has seemed to capture a wide gamut of gamers because of thier large and varied library. maybe the key to widening the market gap is not by patronizing the consumers.

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