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disolitude said:
Aiddon said:
jarrod said:
Aiddon said:
jarrod said:

Ugh.  Those goddamned Spaniards better not derail my 3DS Igavania!  >:x

If this keeps up they will; Konami has been turning more and more self-xenophobic as of late.

I wonder if Iga's already jumped ship to Contra 3DS?  He was behind the M2 developed ReBirth game...

That would cool; Iga has more talent in his pinky than all of MercurySteam have in their bodies combined.

Now now, Mercury Steam design team did a good job with this game. It looks great, sounds great (thanks to voice tallent they got) and plays like any action game should. They just needed a better game director.

Whoever directed lords of shadow:

1. doesn't have a clue what castlevania games are like, their appeal, and their story/origins

2. doesn't have a single original gameplay idea in his head

If they got Iga to direct the next game with mercury steam doing the production, I think results would be glorious as these guys are more than capable of making a good looking, playing and sounding game...if someone tells them what to do.

no, no they didn't. It is nothing more than average in terms of actual gameplay and considering that MercurySteam only made two mediocre games prior to this it might very well be their creative peak. Plus there is no way Cox would have Iga be the director nor do I think Iga is actually interested in it. Plus with the current 2D rennaissance it might be the best time to make an 2D CV in HD.