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Aiddon said:
jarrod said:
Aiddon said:
jarrod said:

Ugh.  Those goddamned Spaniards better not derail my 3DS Igavania!  >:x

If this keeps up they will; Konami has been turning more and more self-xenophobic as of late.

I wonder if Iga's already jumped ship to Contra 3DS?  He was behind the M2 developed ReBirth game...

That would cool; Iga has more talent in his pinky than all of MercurySteam have in their bodies combined.

Now now, Mercury Steam design team did a good job with this game. It looks great, sounds great (thanks to voice tallent they got) and plays like any action game should. They just needed a better game director.

Whoever directed lords of shadow:

1. doesn't have a clue what castlevania games are like, their appeal, and their story/origins

2. doesn't have a single original gameplay idea in his head

If they got Iga to direct the next game with mercury steam doing the production, I think results would be glorious as these guys are more than capable of making a good looking, playing and sounding game...if someone tells them what to do.