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staticneuron said: If there was no nintendo, I might not be as big of a console gamer as I am today. Props goes fully to Nintenedo. There is only one thing I disagree about in DC's list. Sega was being restructured (purchased by other companies so forth and so on). If the achieved stability earlier on maybe they would have been the first to the market. I highly doubt that they released into the market Just because nintendo was there. Chances are they were going to release the Mark III anyways. With sega's habit of manufacturing addon's who know what would have come out of further iterations.
The NES's success was a big part of it. Sega wasn't the only one. Atari attempted to jump back into things after Nintendo brought back gaming, but were the last to the party and completely failed. Nintendo is obviously the most influential of all hardware manufacturers, but I'm sure Gaming would have had an interesting and successfull life without the Big N (just not to the same degree). What impresses me so much is how just when it looks like they're about to be wiped out on the home console market (were people really expecting that much after the Gamecube?), they manage to not just completely reinvent themselves, but to reinvent gaming in the process. The Wii is definately the next NES in the history of gaming. Or should I say the next DS?

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