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gergroy said:

I work at Best Buy,...Definitely buy the replacement plans...

Best Buys "warranties" are a rip off.

My friend purchased the $80 plan for his PS3.

The controller broke, he called and they said bring everything in. We did. In the store they told us since the Playstation itself was fine he needed to call a 1-800 number to get a repalcement controller. They would not replace it in the store. He called and got the replacement on "order". While he was waiting for his controller his PS3 harddrive went bad. He called again. They said bring it all down. He did. They took his PS3 and said they'd mail him a refurbished one. 3-4 days later he gets his refurbished PS3. Then he gets his controller. To our surprise it was an aftermarket controller that ran on AA or AAA batteries. He would have been better off sending the PS3 and controller directly to Sony. It happened within the first year. The Bestbuy warranty is such a rip off. They don't even give new new equipment, or your repaired equipment. They don't do anything in the store. It's worthless. DONT BUY ANY IN-STORE WARRANTIES. They're one of the biggest scams going.... and not just from Best Buy.