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Ok so Minecraft you guys know what that is right? If not you should educate yourself by heading over to or you know use google like a normal person. 


But basically Minecraft is an incredibly popular game about breaking and placing blocks. Like all good games this basic premise has evolved into a wondrously complex world of wonderous creativity, adventure and discovery. The community around the game has achieved wondrous things from fully functioning virtual CPUs to scale recreations of the Enterprise and even entire cities and more real and fantasy. And if you are not into great feats of engineering and design there is still plenty of fun to be had in Minecraft both singleplayer and multiplayer. The game offers infinite possibilities with procedurally generated worlds full of things to discover, whether you want to delve into the depths, build and cultivate, or just roam the country side. And even if you grow tired of the constantly updated vanilla game there are a wealth of user created mods of great variety to add spice to your adventures. 

VGChartz also has it's very own sever hosted by goddog. If you want to jump in and play with some fellow forum members you can access the server via and be sure to message goddog or thetonestar for building privileges once you are there. Once you are there pretty much any open spot should be good to build.

Minecraft is available for PC/MAC (where it's closing in on 10 million sales) and in lesser forms on XBLA and iOS/Android. And can be found at or on the relevent app stores. 


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