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Best Buy Sells Free PS3 Upgrades

In what can only be described as a new low, Best Buy has decided to take advantage of uneducated PS3 consumers. They are now in the business of selling firmware upgrades to their clients, which unless something changed, are free for anyone with a wifi connection and take little to no effort.

Here is a shot of what the Best Buy in Staten Island NYC is promoting:



In case it is unclear I will break it down for you. Best Buy has the audacity to charge $329.98 for a 120 gb PS3 Slim, which normally will cost you $299.99. So what are you paying an extra $30 for? A firmware upgrade! A free one that is as simple to do as turning your PS3 on.

Best Buy actually advertises it as “Eliminates Bugs and Glitches” and “Play All Blu-Ray Movies and Games.” This is beyond misleading to anyone who does not realize that is totally an unnecessary service.

What do you think? I can’t believe they are getting away with this, I guess the old saying is true… there is a sucker born every second and Best Buy is inspecting their wallets.