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Well, I agree with Eric's chart ( as always ). I think that Kutaragi, Bushnell and Yamauchi , as chief of dominant company of different eras , surely must be on the top positions ( behind Miyamoto obviously ). However, their order is irrilevant because they mark different generations. IMHO Iwata is , currently, the most influential personality in the industry but we can analize his behaviour ( and results ) only when this generation (DS,Wii,PSP, PS3, 360 ) is over. Yokoi is another legend of this industry. I think that others personalities marked the VG history : Paijtnov - Tetris is the most astounishing game I ever played. When simple means ingenius. Iwatani - Yes, VG industry begin to talk seriously about female gamers only on 21th century but Iwatani with Pacman and above all with Mrs packman targeted that huge audience in early '80 ( prophet ). Carmack - Doom had a huge impact on PC games. It introduce a new way to view and "live" a game, it was the first graphical engine to be sold to others developers, the first engine that can be modded by users and the first to focus on online competition with doom 2 ( and quake ). Garriot - I say only one thing : this is the father of Mmorpg with Ultima Online. Tajiri - What is the VG that had the hugest impact on society ( not only on gamers ) ? Surely, Pokemon. A whole generation of kids grew up with tajiri's monsters. 160 milion of games sold in 10 years mean something ( Mario sold 200 milion in 20 years !). Hawkins - EA is the biggest third party in the world thanks to this man. However 3DO multiplayer system was a stupid idea.

 “In the entertainment business, there are only heaven and hell, and nothing in between and as soon as our customers bore of our products, we will crash.”  Hiroshi Yamauchi

TAG:  Like a Yamauchi pimp slap delivered by Il Maelstrom; serving it up with style.