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Ack-hem... well, since no other member has done it yet... Sony will reign supreme (I dare you to challenge me. I've got Gwaad on my side!) Microsoft will come at a close second (Gears and LP help here) Nintendo will have sold no Wii units, in spite of reports of them 'flying off shelves.' I see a 66% increase in Nintendo sales loss, causing a recall in all markets, including the foreign child-labor industry. Black market organs will take a hit, followed my the inevitible decline of MAC computer usage due to liver cancer. The online porn industry will continue to flourish, though third party fishermen will have to work twice as hard to meet their quota. Nyko will sell no wireless Wii sensor bars, and Xbox Live will continue to lose to Sony's superior online service.

R9 5950x - RTX 3090 - Odyssey G9