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MS are still going to have to fight it out untill November though, and even then, and especially given the Wii's slowdown, its debatable if Kinect can do what MS want.

Sony are finishing third, nobody is surprised, nor should they be.

Its pretty evident now that Nintendo NEEDS a 3DS this year, and im betting on this fucking happening (buying some NTDOY in the next month).

make it so

edit - My paint skills are chronic, leave me alone

edit2 - Will somebody fix this bloody thread???

Its all retarded and stuff

“When we make some new announcement and if there is no positive initial reaction from the market, I try to think of it as a good sign because that can be interpreted as people reacting to something groundbreaking. ...if the employees were always minding themselves to do whatever the market is requiring at any moment, and if they were always focusing on something we can sell right now for the short term, it would be very limiting. We are trying to think outside the box.” - Satoru Iwata - This is why corporate multinationals will never truly understand, or risk doing, what Nintendo does.