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guiduc said:
Mr Khan said:
ClaudeLv250 said:

Over a month before the game is out. This is a little early, isn't it?

Given that there's an official Skyward Sword thread (and that thread is stickied :/), i would imagine this isn't too early...

No, it isn't too early, and ask a mod to make it sticky.

I agree. This thread has been made by Mr Khan (with the help of miz1q2w3e) at the most ideal time. If it was created a fortnight before the release date then the popularity of this thread would be less. The basic premise of this thread is derived from guiduc's "The official Super Mario Galaxy 2 thread" and was made early, it gained significant popularity. Perhaps morenoingrato made "The Official The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Thread" slightly early but over time he will gain more visits.