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SmokedHostage said:
BBH said:

As long as Nintendo controls the family and child game market, of course they will be ahead.

Call that trolling, or whatever, that's the bare truth.

Nintendo are currently an astounding success because they appeal to those two big markets, and the others, although trying, don't.

I don't think it's bad that Nintendo has control of those markets and I don't see how what you're saying is trolling.  I just hate the mentality that this market is everything that ails gaming and will change it to something the 13-25 year old demographic don't want it to be.  There will be the titles you want to see, just speak with your money.  The day the 13-25 year old demographic stop buying games will the day MS, Sony, and their third party partners shift accordingly.

It's not, but every time I even mention children and Nintendo in the same sentence on this site I usually get called out for it.

You're right - it's no bad thing at all, Nintendo provide something different to different people and at the minute they are business gold dust.