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I really hope that Nintendo never stops being "Nintendo" and that Microsoft and Sony continue to be "not Nintendo."  I think I'd die if I see a GC-esque or N64-esque scenario where Nintendo tries to be 'hardcore' and pander to the 13 to 25 year old demographic only to fall under the heel of Playstation and Xbox.  I love that the DS/Wii generation has allowed for a renaissance of sorts at Nintendo's philosophy of what gaming as a whole can be to different people.  At the very least, I hope that there's a New Super Mario Bros. (Insert Nintendo 6's name here) in the forseeable future.  I'd love to see that over "Alien Shooter #8123 now with Jetpacks, Time and Gravity manipulation, and EXTREME space marines."

My thoughts of course.

Pixel Art can be fun.