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sc94597 said:

Great thread! The release date for this game is killing me. Just when school starts back up. They couldn't release it a week earlier? :( Still only a month and half away. I need it now. 

Mr Khan said:
It is coming: the next epoch in the Metroid franchise. First there were side-scrollers, then there were first-person adventures, and now there is:

I approve!

Yeah, that release is killing me too. If its *in stores* on the 31st, i can get it, but i'm flying to Washington to move into an apartment for an internship on the 1st, so if the 31st is just the ship date, i'm going to have to comb Washington for a copy. Not hard, given that GameStop is as prolific as Starbucks, but still...

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.