mysticwolf said:

First of all, it doesn't say 3D anywhere on the camera, at least on the front. So Sony obviously is not showing off the 3D aspect, if it is in fact 3D. The screen is not 3D, so you can't view your 3D pictures? That's kind of dumb.

Also, I wonder how the camera manages to take 3D pictures with only one lens. I think what you're saying is that you have to take 2 pictures, then it merges the two into a 3D picture? If so, that's neat.

I still think that the idea is pretty useless at the moment. First of all, how do you view the 3D images? What kind of 3D does it use? Stereoscopic? Anaglph? A different kind? They can be viewed on any 3D compatible system. Like what? A Sony 3D TV? So you have to spend $3000 on top of $400 for the camera in order to view your pictures? WTF???  You can't view the pictures in 3D when you take them, and I think that is really dumb. I don't wanna carry around my 52 inch 3D TV with me on vacation so I can see my 3D pictures. Sony should have put a 3D screen in the camera. Like, duh.

This is something I will definitely not be getting. Besides, what's the point when the 3DS can take 3D pictures, and it will probably cost much less than the cameras.

Yeah cuz clearly the picture quality of a 3ds rivals a cameras

and it doesn't say if this camera has or hasn't got a 3d screen....

and it says ANY 3d compatiable device...there are 3d Tv's and such for less than 2000 now even

Funny tho, when Sony makes some leaps in inventing stuff you come here sputing all these negativity and speculation, but you make sure to spin a 3ds rant in there somehow...

Unless you know for sure this camera itself can't display the 3d images then stop ranting

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