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kowenicki said:
BBH said:
kowenicki said:
BBH said:

Historically 360 boosts have been short lived.

So we should wait and see. America/Kinect should keep the 360 ahead of the PS3 until Sony's next price cut. Basically, no chance of PS3 outselling 360 *this generation* now in my opinion.

yeah that boost in 2008 didn't last very long....  I think it was only about 10 months.

More like four.


Look at 2008 vs 2009 similar months.

I suppose it could still be considered a boost if numbers don't rise, but are prevented from going lower?

I'll split the difference with you... 7 months


Even though the graphs based on VGC numbers basically show 4?

Even still, 7 months (4 actually) is a short boost for going to such a low price point. The PS3 has had a longer, better boost in going to $299.

PS3 boosts are bigger up to now, that's a fact. Kinect may be a different story though for thr 360.