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As I stated earlier in this thread, Sony took a $4.7 billion loss from when the PS3 was released until it started becoming profitable, which was around 2009.

That $4.7 billion was a real cost incurred by Sony and until they manage to recoup that $4.7 billion and then some from Walkman sales, television sales, or whatever, then the PS3 cannot be considered a worthwile, profitable venture that beckons a PS4.

All of that profit the PS3 is making now is what Accounting 101 calls a "credit" and that $4.7 billion loss is what Accounting 101 calls a "debit." Sony has a lot of credits to make from the PS3 in order to remove the parentheses from the red (4.7) billion.

I am just wondering what kind of uninformed investor invests in companies such as Sony who have shown with the PS3, that they are willing to take a $4.7 billion loss and still have another $5 billion loss via the PS4 in the next 5 years?

Now, I am assuming: 1. There will be a PS4 and 2. Sony and Kaz Hirai will try to 1up Nintendo and Microsoft by putting out another overpriced vanity machine (PS4) at a price all except the most fervent of Sony supporters will not buy.

I don't wish death on Sony as I have been a consumer of their product in my younger years, I just wish they would own up to their past mistakes, chop some heads off in their company, and get back to the basics by prioritizing what products are making a profit, continue to make those profitable products, and shut down the products and company divisions who are running at a loss, while being subsidized by the more profitable product divisions.


Playstation does not just = the PS3

yes let's just to choose to ignore the PSP profit's, the PS2 profit's and software from those 2 other platform's including the PS3 software profit's and PSN digital sales and the profit's from Home, and now PSN plus.....

PSP,PS2,PSN,PSN(PLUS),Home,psp software, PS2 software,ps3 software

is greater than just the


Actually, those were all considered and accounted for, he's talking SCE's overall loss.  In a very real sense just the "PS3" was greater than "PSP,PS2,PSN,PSN(PLUS),Home,psp software, PS2 software,ps3 software" in terms of loss/profit.

We'll never know the real scale of PS3's massive hardware losses because as you pointed out, those profitable sectors were helping pull up the division...

no it's not!

read what he stated! he's not talking about their entire profit's, he was just talking about the PS2's peak sales year's for the PAST 5 year's

" Sony has lost more money selling PlayStation 3s than it made selling PlayStation 2s during the entire five years of its peak."

the profit's that The PS3 ate into was the profit's for the PS2 for the last 5 year's when he made that statement  5 year's is not the entire profit's for the PS2 all together:

Hell he's not even including the PS1 or the PSP.

he's trying to point out just one aspect of the situation to say it = the entire profit loss of the entire playstation platform which is not true at all.

One product in their catalog does not = the entire catalog's sale's/profit's if there is more than just one product

the PS1's which had 10 year's worth of sales, the PSP now over 6 year

just because you want to concentrate on just one product does not mean you just ignore the other's in the catalog!

and why would they not help, their still playstation product's!

The PS3 is now profitable on it's own, now Sony has 3 Playstation Hardware Product's on the market that sell @ a profit!

Er... you don't seem to grasp though, PSP, PS2, etc are automatically figured in given he's using division profit/loss figures from SCE.  That $4.7B loss figure he's throwing out?  That already has PSP's profits, and PS2's concurrent profits, and any profit from PS3 software/HOME/etc figured into it.  The truth is PS3 lost SCE far more than $4.7B.  PS3 has actually lost more than PS2 and PSP ever made (and also counting PS1's latter 5 years of pure profits), all combined.   Forget PS2's "peak years", PS3 has lost that and then some.

If we only had SCE figures from 93/94/95/96, we could judge if the PlayStation division has been profitable or not overall... going from 97-on though it's already close to a loss overall.

no he's not read what he stated..he was talking about just the last 5 year's of the PS2..that was stated in 2008..he was not even talking about the PS1 or the PSP..

and as for this:

That $4.7B loss figure he's throwing out?  That already has PSP's profits, and PS2's concurrent profits, and any profit from PS3 software/HOME/etc figured into it.

no it's not for one he's taking a guess, and second Sony has stated the Playstation platform as a whole has sold over 50 billion @ keep dreaming

so even taking into account the PEAK sales of othe PS2 that does not still take into account for the other profit's generated by the PS1 and PSP and part of the PS2's ...there is no way it does since sony has stated they Sold over 50 Billion

yes that's not all profit, but still come on.!

lol.  The only one dreaming here the person clinging to PR and ignoring IR. ;)

I'd suggest you take a quick look in this thread.  The numbers aren't perfect, they're a hell of a lot more accurate than "50 billion @ retail".