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dirkd2323 said:

Never say never, 360 has a year plus head start and is only ahead 5 million units, The last few months PS3 has had a shortage of units, or more would of been sold. Since PS3 slim has come out over 1 year ago, PS3 has pretty much smacked the 360 in sales, for awhile even in America, so yah the last 6 months the 360 has sold 5-10 thousand more units a week, big deal, PS3 has been above 360 on sales board for over a year now, even with this new 360 slim, copy, its only out saling it buy 90,000 a week which will not last, Ps3 is now on year number 4, and is making money, now with PSN plus, most of 360 players are shooter fans , especially in America, Natal, Kinect what ever you want to call it SUCKS for FPS, it will not sale near as good as the PS move, so keep dreamin, MS has Halo Reach and Gears 3 as there big hitters , PS has Killzone 3, Twisted Medal , Infamous 2 , Res 3 , GT5 , Uncharted 3 , Along with PS move. SO xbox fans enjoy this spike in sales, because it won't last long. We still have a nice long ride this gen, What I am most curious about is the new 360s failure rate, can they keep it under 60 percent this time, I hope so , I am so tired of sending mine in to be fixed.

I liked reading this, but even if the 360 outsells the PS3 every week for the next 2 years, what then?? i expect to be playing my PS3 for at least the next 6 years if not 7 or 8. can the 360 or the wii even go half that distance?? and a lot of people seem to think that the next gen is just around the corner, like 2 years time. i dont think sony or M$ will launch new consoles when their current consoles havent sold 50 mil yet alone 100 mil. and they've both lost a lot of money just getting that far in 5 years.

when it comes down to it, its like you say - all about the games, and i'm not debating who has the better exclusives, but we'll see who has a better year. the games i'm looking forward to the most are 3rd party anway, but it will be interesting to see how well games that lead on the PS3 do when it has been the 360 that has had lead development mostly until now....

PS. even though PS3 has more exclusives, it is well know that Halo or Gears may sell about triple what a PS exclusive sells; so imo it really up to 3rd party developers to show how lead development on the PS3 can actully result in better games.