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A Europe specific tracker, finally. It would be cool if you put in a separate figure for EU as a whole since that practice is quite standard for some time now. It would give us a relatively good impression of Europe as a whole, like how the US market indicates the trend in the Americas section. As for suggestions, one annoying thing I found is that whenever I visit vgcharts, it says i need to log in. i'll be opening a few threads, and If I want to reply, I have to close the page and reopen it again because when I log in, it goes back to the homepage. I can't press Back and refresh since that logs me back out, or wont recognize that I already logged in. Annoying, to say the least. Also, the name of thread titles right after "Videogame Charts" on the browser heading would be nice as well, or better yet, just use a small VGcharts logo and the thread title. It makes for easier firefox tabbed browsing.