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Onyxmeth said:
shanbcn said:
leo-j said:

I have to admit the things that impressed me most include:

PS MOVE being $49.99 (Kinect is $149)



But complete bundle cost is 99$. Still way better then 149$.

Comparatively speaking though, isn't the closest thing to the Move the Wiimote? I mean Kinetic might be pretty expensive, but it's also something totally different from Move. How does Move fare price wise to the Wiimote?

Add in Move set = 80 (if you already own a PS Eye) Wii remote set = 60 and thats 80 and 60 PER PERSON Kinect is for everyone from the start, people can hop in and out.  If you want 2 player Move then you're over the 150 dollars already, if you want 4 player Wii you're over 150 dollars (Wii already comes with one set remember so thats 3 extra sets at 60)

Any way you slice it, for price vs number of players Kinect wins, cause you can also add in things like WM and balance boards plus whatever Sony might release in the future.

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