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Bladeneo said:
Onimusha12 said:

Pity Nintendo lacks this charisma, though after two generations of screwing over third party developers its hard not to see why many are so hesitant to adopt the Wii.

And Leo-J is actually right for once, Square was facing bankrupcy for the second time when they went to Sony (first time was before they released the first Final Fantasy and the third was when Enix bought them out).

 Wow i didnt know that, how come they had financial troubles before they released FF7? (Im presuming this is the first game they released for sony). Id have thought games like the early FFS and chrono trigger were successful enough to ensure no financial troubles.

They had financial troubles before they released FF7, was because their financial problems occured before the release of the first Final Fantasy. As the story goes about how FF got it's name, goes, FF was make or break for Square, their final fantasy. Next time they ran into financial trouble, was after Spirits Within, when Sony helped them by buying a share from Square. And the last time Enix merged with Square. So you could say, that without Nintendo, Sony and Enix, Square would have bancrupted. @Onimusha: Make that 3 generations. The first one was for saving the videogame industry in the US, second was to keep the dominant position and high quality and the third was to wipe out the competition and keep high quality on all the games on the platform by having comparative insane requirements for developers. But, Nintendo learned a lot from N64 and it's competition, which is proved by Nintendo not having any trouble getting good 3rd party support for GC:s launch. You could say that Nintendo did everything right with Gamecube, but competition just did better.

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