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morenoingrato said:
DixieKong said:
LordTheNightKnight said:

"would help them get more ports from third party developers"

And that's a crock. Developers would find more excuses.

You are very correct about that one. It seems that Mr. Pachter has forgot about what happened with the Gamecube. That system was powerful and easy to program and port games to, and yet, most developers just ignored it. My next comic is going to cover developer excuses for Nintendo consoles.

when will you post it?

I am going to try to post the next comic sometime this week. Because of this 3.0 update, new members can't create new threads until they have made 100 posts. It seems rather strange, since I've already posted this thread a few weeks ago, but hopefully I'll be able to put up the next one soon if I don't encounter any more issues.