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Gilgamesh said:
kowenicki said:
Gilgamesh said:

I thought everyone would have accepted by now that the PS3 will surpass the X360 in WW sales. Did you not forget the X360 has a year start on the PS3, so the PS3 is going to keep selling more and more each year while the X360 will start slowing down and selling less and less each year. The PS3 is still $299 and $349, for most people that's still very expensive, once it get's down to $199 and less then we'll really be seeing PS3 shortages.

The next few years should look something like this (ending March 31st)


2010: 15 million

2011: 13 million

2012: 10 million


2010: 9 million

2011: 7 million

2012: 5 million

There seems to be a rather large contradiction in your post.... 

The X360 already peaked in 2008 it's sold less in 2009 and will keep selling less every year, the PS3 has been consistently beating it's yearly hardware sales and will keep doing it till 2011.

So that would mean the PS3 peaked in 2009, and that 2010 onward would sell less each year.

2010: 11 million

2011: 9 million

2012: 7 million

So if nothing happened to change sales of the 360 for which we have no estimates since MS doesn't believe in that junk, it would take until 2012 for the PS3 to pass the 360.

But I have a feeling this year will be the 360's peak year and the PS3 will maybe match last year's performance but not reach anywhere near 15 million.