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LordTheNightKnight said:
MaxwellGT2000 said:
mortono said:
Pachter is not an analyst, he's a viral marketer for Sony posing as an analyst. He is such a clown, that GameTrailers decided to give him his own show.

If you want to listen to a REAL analyst, you have to pay money. Investors don't get good stock tips for free! I feel sorry for any investor that listened to Pachter before this generation began.

Great comic though! I look forward to more.

Well to be fair Pachter is probably a real analyst by game industry standards.  Business wise a lot of the video game companies are jokes that seem to always want to destroy themselves and have twice before.  Overall the industry being ran by idiots is why idiots get a chance to speak freely, it's also the weird consumer bases of the game industry that affects things too, for some reason unlike other industries there seems to be very loyal fanbases for companies that listen to every word, this usually only happens with smaller hobbies, once industries get as large as the video game market you usually see a large shift away from loyalty, but in turn businesses in the biz have listened to these loyalists and listen to them despite the bind it can and has put them in.

Honestly you won't see as many oddities (like Pachter) come out of another industry.

I have a theory about that, basically that the gaming industry is run by the vocal minority, so they treat the vocal minority fans as the full gaming community, thus fostering this attitude.

That's probably true. Another thing that doesn't really help, is that the majority of game designers sees themselves as the target audience, and are thus constantly creating games they themselves would like to see and play. While really, among the general audience, they are a minority.

That's one thing that I find so interesting and smart about the guys at Nintendo, whenever you read an interview with Miyamoto, he usually talks about how he's constantly asking himself and his teams 'is this fun to play?', 'what will the public think of this?', 'How will this work for people who have no prior knowledge about the game?'... Stuff like that. You really have to open up and not let yourself be guided by personal beliefs, likes or dislikes, but by what entices the audience you want to capture.

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