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Yakuzaice said:
Ail said:
Hyruken said:
Wow those sales are bad.
Again this is i think now conclusive proof that both 360 and PS3 demand is starting to get to saturation point. Both are up on last year but both in comparison to the previous year PS3 is down on sales while 360 is only barely up by like 1k.

So what is interesting about those numbers is that in USA compared to the last time PS3 price cut the numbers are down this time. Which again throws further evidence into the fre to support Sources theory that this gen peak has gone.

PS3 did 159k last year, it's not down.........


I think he's talking about 2008, but it makes no sense to single out the PS3/360 when everything is significantly down from that month.  For example the Wii sold 444k more in March 2008 than March 2010


And reason i didn't mention Wii is because it is so far ahead that it no longer matters what happens there. It is pretty much at 360+PS3 sales. When you sell as much as the wii has there is only one way for it's sales to go, down. But even with the numbers going down it is still selling more then both 360 and PS3. So in terms of looking at sales the only one to me of interest is the numbers between 360 and PS3. They are so close.