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Playable races:

This trailer presents a basic overview of the five playbale races in Guild Wars 2 (sylvari, norn, charr, asura and human).


The sylvari are a young race, they are only 25 years old. They hail from the Pale Tree, a tree planted in the Maguuma Jungle hundreds of years ago. As the tree grew and expanded its reach into the jungle over the centuries, the tree finally bloomed 25 years ago, giving birth to the sylvari Firstborn and followed by season after season of new sylvari, all of whom feel a deep connection to everything that grows and blossoms, it is their brethren.

The sylvari were shaped by the Dream in the Pale Tree, and the Dream lingers in all sylvari like an echo of a song that flows through all sylvari. It allows them them to share their experiences, knowledge and emotions, so the sylvari travel the world in search of adventure but without a true purpose, balancing curiosity with duty; eagerness with chivalry; and warfare with honor as best as they can.

The sylvari guide their lives by the lessons carved into the sacred Ventari Tablet, living in their capital where they have created a culture combining the mystery of magic and a determination to do good in the world. But not all sylvari live this way. Members of the Nightmare Court are sylvari who follow a path of shadows and nightmare, seeking to taint the Dream and the Pale Tree and trying to draw their brethren into their corrupt ways.