3 of my PS3 titles were mistakes.

Let's start with "Conan". Loved the books from Howard,and knew that the game is a God of War clone,so I thought it would be fun...As it turned out,it's too short,too repeatable ,the visuals are mediocre and was a waste of money.

The second mistake was "Viking:Battle for Asgard",but it wasn't my mistake. Someone gave it to me as a present,cause I'm really into mythologies,and because she's not a gamer she thought she found something ideal for me..Well this game has the worst graphics I've seen in a seventh generation game,it's even more repeatable than Conan, the gameplay is poor and the frame rate is frustrating...Not to mention that it's another Lord of the Rings rip off.

Finally,the biggest mistake of my Collection: "Lost",or "Lost:Via Domus" in America.I'm a big fan of the series,I think it's the best thing I've seen on Television.So, I forgot about the Rule : any game that is based on a TV series or a Movie Sucks. (except Golden Eye ofc :P) I won't even describe to you how awful this game was.

I'm waiting for the opportunity to trade these titles,or sell them.But believe me,both of them are difficult to accomplish.

Have you as well made similar mistakes to mine? Which of your games do you consider to be a waste of time?