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Tanstalas said:
selnor said:
psrock said:
selnor said:
IMO this is the start for M$ doubling sales forever not just initially. I firmly believe Slim = Natal will seel awesomely to both Europe and USA. I fully believe when it releases PS3 will not sell more than 360 in either Europe or US ever again.

Wake up because you are dreaming. You haven't learned a damn thing this Generation. Yes, the 360 will outsell the PS3 later this year, but just like every other year, Sony will release a real slim and cheaper and we will be back to where we started all over again.

Difference is I believe that Natal will have that big of an impact. M$ are throwing a new console launch at this thing, both in advertising and release. It's my opinion, but Natal is gonna be huge, and come with every 360 sold as of it's release.

1 month sig control if the PS3 has more sales than the 360 within 6 months of Natal launching in either US or Europe in any given week?

deal. ;)