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I have to say that some titles seem to be poorly tracked here based on numbers given in that gamasutra article.

Keep in mind just because it says >850k doesn't mean it sold ~850k.  For example, NPD had Uncharted 2 at 950k in the US as of december, and the article writer said it has sold at least 100k this year.

AC II might be way off though.

The leaked NPD total for December was ">900k".  Of course that came from Anihawk, who the Sonycorps around here seem to want to discredit at every turn. ;)

Also, I don't believe Matthews said it's sold over 100k this year?  Where are you getting that?

NPD themselves discredited him but I guess people need something to believe him, even if it's an obvious lie as already stated by NPD themselves.


Actually no, NPD said "Some of the [information] provided is incorrect or in an approximate range that is still way off base" but nowhere did they say "obvious lie".  Read between the lines.  There was an attempt to clearly discredit the figures without concretely saying they were 100% wrong (using multiple qualifiers like "some", "approximate" or "range" in tandem) and it was even followed up with a rant about how they're disturbed by leaks (is this a legitimate "leak" or false information then?), a dig at games forums in general ("NPD's information is not intended to be dumped into public domain feeding troughs") and finally even a veiled threat to NeoGAF moderation over this "leak" ("I'm going to assume this is continuing, and that this latest leak was an anomaly and nothing more").  Riley basically discredits the leak, then credits it the next breath. You'll also notice Ani's leaks suddenly stopped after the GamePro article, yet he went unbanned (which would be protocol for posting incorrect data).  

But if you believe all the bullshit that comes out of Professional Troll David Riley's mouth, then what are you doing posting at VGC?  He's discredited this place every chance he's gotten as well?  

I'm not gonna argue with you over this issue anymore, there's lots of leaps of faith in what you just said right now. Anihawk has been discretided but you may choose to believe his supposed leaks if you'd like, that's your prerogative. I'll just leave it at that.

"Discredit" is broad term and considering the objectionable and argumentative source, intentionally vague language and flip-flopping context, I'd say the issue's not at all resolved.  Nevermind that every bit of further evidence tends to support Ani's various leaks (like Atlus' own recent Demon's Souls figures for example, which align almost perfectly with Ani's 230k US 2009 total).  But feel free to continue with your superficial take on it, I'm not really in the mood to get into it either.



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Yeah Motorstorm had the most bundling with PS3's.

I know it had lots of retailer bundling going on in 2006/2007, but NPD counts those as sales.  It's only manufacturer "in the box" bundles that NPD doesn't include in their software totals... did MotorStorm have that in the US?  I know it did in Europe, but I'm not sure about US? :/

Yes, a lot, if you remember it was the PS3 to get at one point because it was the only one with BC, the core 40GB was 399 and didn't have one, the 499 one was BC. It was heavily heavily bundled in the US, more so than any other game on PS3 IIRC.


It was this bundle


Oh, good to know!  And wow, going by VGC bundling basically doubled MS1's figures.  That's an insane ratio, like GT5P in Japan!

Actually, which other games have gotten official hardware bundles this gen in the US?  Do we have a full list somewhere?

In terms of probably most bundled sales to least:

Motorstorm, MGS4, Uncharted

Ratchet FTOD and Uncharted got that limited controller bundle last Fall.

So that's all that's been bundled with PS3?  NPD does count controller bundles btw, just not hardware bundles.

Do we have a full list for 360?  I know only Wii Sports and (a Wal-mart exclusive) WSR were the only Wii titles with a console bundle.  DS has had quite a few (Nintendogs, Brain-Age & NSMB off the top of my head) and PSP's had quite few too.

I say you're the one being superficial with your whole argument all based on leaps of faith. Like I said he's been discredited and this is the 1st time I've seen someone argue for him, maybe you just really want to believe his supposed numbers. Denial is a beautiful thing. But hey let's hold a truce I say you're in denial and superficial and you say I'm in denial and superficial, sounds great to me.

Anyways, for the 360 it's significantly more, of the top of my head:

Forza 2, Forza 3, Pure, Halo 3 ODST, Lego Batman, FFXIII, SCC, Modern Warfare 2, RE5, Kung Fu Panda, Lego Indy

PSP had a lot too,

Ratchet, Daxter, GOW, AC, Rockband, Gran Turismo, Madden, Star Wars, Hanna Montana lol, MGS PW bundle incoming

Wii only had WS AFAIK

Not sure about DS

Actually, the GAF consensus tended to side with Ani as well.  As did the moderation evidently, given he wasn't banned over the as-admitted-by-NPD "leaks".  Hell, even around here people were on both sides with dgerees in between, if I'm really the "first" you've encountered, I'd say your reading of the situation is just as superficial as your reading of Riley's PR bile. ;)

Don't take so much offense to my use of "superficial" to describe your take though.  I'm the one looking into the deeper context here, and analyzing just what was said and by whom rather than taking a blanket "obvious lie" approach (which NPD never actually even said).  In fact, perhaps you should look up what "superficial" actually means?  And "leap of faith" while you're at it...



Yeah, I was going to say... this is the second time i've seen this come up here... and the first time, most of the people here were on his side.