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huaxiong90 said:
Sorcery said:

MGS4: Guns of the Patriots was an amazing experience the first couple times I played it, but when it comes to replaying it, I can't stand the game. Drebin is totally unnecessary, the bosses suck because they have no character whatsoever and are annoying with their poorly acted screams, crying, and laughing, the ending SUCKS, and there's very little room for interpretation. I rated it a 10/10 after I played it twice, but now I feel like it's a solid 8/10. It also infuriated me that you could have about 9 or 10 items equipped for easy access, but only 5 weapons. WTF?

I think MGS4 could've been polished out so much more. I don't even know where to begin.

Kojima would've been able to put out a complete version of the game if Sony would've allowed him to release it on two Blu Ray discs like it should've been.