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When the DS game had been out for the length that the PSP game has, it had sold roughly twice as many units.

So, anyone claiming that these sales are low (which they aren't) and that it's the DS's fault is a fanboy.

lol at bringing PSP sales into it. A late port, on a system with less than half as many units sold worldwide. And you don't have to be a fanboy to see that the sales are "low" for a GTA game. Be it 2D or 3D.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the PS2 have more 2 Million sellers than the DS has 1 Million sellers?

Yeah sure this have nothing to do with the top-down perspective. And lol you were the one saying the userbase have nothing to do with sales of a game when talking about GT5 and now you are using this argument?? ROFL

And I'm also sorry to inform you that the PS2 doesnt have more than 200 2 million sellers.

The userbase doesn't matter if it's from one generation console to another, for a different game in the series. Examples would be God of War 2 + God of War 3. Super Mario 64 all the way to Super Mario Galaxy.

The userbase on 2 consoles, when comparing the same game... Does matter, for obvious reasons. Examples would be Modern Warfare 2 360 and Modern Warfare 2 PS3. GTA:CW DS to GTA:CW PSP. GTA: San Andreas PS2 to GTA: San Andreas Xbox.

And i never said it had 200 2 Million sellers. I said it had 115 with over 2 Million sales.

You said ''Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the PS2 have more 2 Million sellers than the DS has 1 Million sellers?'' (see above)

And why didnt you take FFXIII as example to demonstrate your point? Oh wait...

Yes. And what's your point? The PS2 has 115 2 Million sellers, the DS has 101 1 Million sellers.

And Final Fantasy sold more on PS3 because of Japan Exclusivity, and the majority of people who wanted the game already having a PS3 due to it being "exclusive" until E3 08. Add into that the PS3 version being the superior version... And you get more sales on PS3.

Yeah sure comparing a system selling software during ten years to a system selling software during only 5 years. Nice job!

And like I said before... now you can compare software sales between a handheld and a home console, but when you are saying that the DS will become (very soon) the best selling gaming system, there is people claiming that you can't compare a handheld to a home console.

As for FFXIII, you said it all, the game was exlusive in Japan and didnt sell as much as FFX or FFXII did. I guess the userbase does play a role after all.