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Burnout Revenge for the 360 is my favorite. I personally hate the races and love Crash Mode, takedowns, and road rage. I like that Paradise will allow me to do crash scenarios(now called showtime) anywhere anytime without having to unlike them by doing other events I don't like, I like the sandbox world with no loadtimes because the loadtimes were getting pretty annoying. I also like the sound of Stunt mode. I just really how the showtime mode with accidents retains all the crash goodness, like showing replays of all the damage, and ringing up the bill on all the damage,and letting you blow your car up, but since the word is there now allowing you to keep driving as long as you land on your wheels so the accident and mayhem can continue I doubt you'll have the explosion, unless it kicks in after your immbolized. Anyway the videos of the game have been amazing and the demo will be online next thursday so I can't wait.