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I loved the first 2 Burnouts. Acclaim did an amazing job with them. But then Burnout 3 came around, and I was even more impressed. Burnout 3 is easily the best racer ever created as it has a nice mix of competitive racing with added action that really spices up the races.

Then I was so pschyed for Burnout Revenge, until I played it. The game was apsolutely awful, and really it got worse. And it's because they didn't stick with what they did with B3 but went to something that was less Burnout. And now with Burnout Paradise they are drifting even further away from the roots of Burnout 3 and the 2 before it. It's hardly even Burnout anymore. I mean Burnout Paradise could still be good but I wish they'd evolve on Burnout 3, not devolve.