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Looking trough that funny list about the 48 most interesting games in 2008, I stumbled over the title Burnout Paradise. This is the reason why I post this now. Back in the Gamecube days, Burnout 2: Point of Impact was one of my favourite games. I spent countless hours finishing the single-player mode, I had amazing times competing with friends to get new records on the tracks and I spent a whole night together with four friends getting all gold-medals in the crash mode. Still today, this game would probably be ranked in my top 10 of all time. As you probably all know, the next games in the series did not come to the Cube which meant that I was not able to play them, also none of my friends that owned a PS2 or an Xbox did buy them. I have read a little about them now, and it sounds like Criterion has changed the formula quite heavily. Because of that, I wonder how people that know all the games in the series did see the development. Do you guys like the new games? Which one is the best in your opinion? Also, do you think that Burnout Paradise will be great? (imo, it sounds like a Need for Speed game, but that may only be me). Knowing that EA is the publisher of the Burnout game nowadays (RIP Acclaim), it probably is only a matter of time until we see a Wii itineration. I wonder if I should hope for one or not, please tell me!

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