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Picked it up today, actually. I can tell this is a game that you can dump hrs into and it will feel like minutes. The demo's pretty addicting. it took me a while to get used to the controls but once I did, I began really enjoying the game.

The world is huge. And I can tell I'm going to have a blast playing this online.

Bet between Slimbeast and Arius Dion about Wii sales 2009:

If the Wii sells less than 20 million in 2009 (as defined by VGC sales between week ending 3d Jan 2009 to week ending 4th Jan 2010) Slimebeast wins and get to control Arius Dion's sig for 1 month.

If the Wii sells more than 20 million in 2009 (as defined above) Arius Dion wins and gets to control Slimebeast's sig for 1 month.