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Anyone else notice that the Xbox and PS3 both are stuck on 8 million consoles a year? I think the PS3 could break through next year and pass the 360's current 8 million consoles a year or they could get stuck in the same rut. I don't foresee the 360 surpassing selling 8 million again next year. The second year of a consoles life tells a pretty big part of the consoles future. Still 8 million is a good amount of consoles and Microsoft should be proud. It means they can become profitable and go on to sell about 40 million systems this gen which is nothing to laugh at. It's a rather respectable number. If the PS3 goes on to sell 40 million as well and the Wii hits 100 million it'll be a big improvement over last gen.

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.