PSP has always had it´s strongest market in Japan. In America and Europe it really is struggling and has been for some time. However, it is really declining in sales now in US. The newly relased NPD numbers showed that PSP just barely managed to sell 100k for the month, that is down from 172k last January which is quite a large drop percentage wise. Softwarewise the portable is really performing poor and always has been outside of Japan.

What do you think, should Sony abondon the PSP and hurry up and release the followup? To me it seems like it´s just a dead system outside of Japan. Also, the PS2 seems to be on it´s own swansong since it only managed to sell 41,6k last month. That is not so strange though since the PS2 has sold amazingly well over a long period of time. Perhaps it´s time for Sony to stop production of the PS2 as well?