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Jin_Shihouin said:


Weapons will have the same max level for everyone.

Since you have the playthrough time, another interesting category would be time to 100% (all trophies / achivements).

I think that would be the master category that shows who the best FFXIII player is (on VGChartz).

Ok that sounds great

how long did you take to do that BTW?!


jneul said:

oh please sign me up for this league, awesome idea btw, i have always wanted to do something like this with FF



YAY your getting!! Yup I'll add you too, I'll update the table daily so you'll see your name on it tomorrow!



Ghazi4 said:
i wanna be in the league too :)



Certainly, you'll be in too!!



All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey