jarrod said:
I think this poll's a good barometer for exactly how many batshit insane Sony diehards the forum has.

Not to mention that thread for Modnation sales predictions. Some people were predicting above 5 million, in the first year! That's like double LBP.

OT: Mario Kart without a doubt. Too bad VGC doesn't track Wiiware and VC, I'd like to know how the classic MKs will stack up.

"Now, a fun game should always be easy to understand - you should be able to take one look at it and know what you have to do straight away. It should be so well constructed that you can tell at a glance what your goal is and, even if you don’t succeed, you’ll blame yourself rather than the game. Moreover, the people standing around watching the game have also got to be able to enjoy it." - Shiggy

A Koopa's Revenge II gameplay video