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gustave154 said:
Strife91 said:
nen-suer said:
Strife91 said:
nen-suer said:
Strife91 said:
STFU. You can't just decide who is the strongest by looking at which enemies they've defeated. So what if Kratos killed gods? They were simply weak! We need to look at both characters abilities. You all saw Advent Children, right? Sephiroth can cut through meters of concrete. That's fucking sick! And his reflexes are insane, that man can parry and avoid anything. He has awesome magic and he can FLY.

Kratos too :)



No. He can glide through the air, but he can't fly.


yes he can :P

No he cant. It only looks like it because he's in an air vent. Did you play the demo? NO! As you can see he's not even flapping his wings. He's only using them to navigate.


Uhh so hes gliding UP the air vent??? Doesn't that mean hes flying??

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