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dnnc said:
forevercloud3000 said:

He is the living breathing incarnation of....
He and his mother can sale the cosmos and feed of a planet's life force. His Masamune is a weapon that can only be matched by "the Buster Sword". And his hair is silver, which if u have ever seen any anime or anime game, equals instant coolness. Go ahead, look it up, ull find every silvere haired char is always a fan fav
Riku-Kingdom Hearts
ZEX-Gundum Wing
Dante-Devil May Cry
Vergil(more so than Dante-Devil May Cry
Kuja-Final Fantasy IX
etc the list goes on...

and kratos is bald,..... good point

EXACTLY lol. Although, one could argue that Kratos's Skin is White/Silverish....hmmm.

Seriously tho, I do believe Sephiroth could take Kratos on. People love to scream Kefka whenever someone mentions Sephi as the most bad of badass but here is a not so realized fact. Kefka succeded in destroying the world, sure, but in the end was defeated. Sephiroth failed in damaging the planet enough to let Jenova take full control, but nevertheless he is IMORTAL. No matter how many times Cloud and company defeat him, he can and will be resurrected. He is one with the planet and acts as a disease just waiting for the right moment to strike. I think this would hold true even with Kratos.

Don't get me wrong, taking down the savage that is Kratos would be difficult. But Sephiroth being the best swordsman on the planet has to stand for something.




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