Am I the only one that sees these sales as good but not great for Sony?

They have just had a HUGE pricecut, and a complete redesign of the machine. The SLIM. And yet the 360 sits very close. OK we know Walmart had deals, and COD 4 pack. But seriously? How in the world is Sony going to contend with Natal launch?!

I seriously expect ( and cant see how anyone can say different with this much media hype ) that Natal will see 360 around if not better than Wii's current numbers next year, and regularly every week. This almost cements Sony in last for the generation by ( total guess ) 20 million +?

Natal is gonna at least triple sales of the 360's current numbers this same time next year. With as much advertising and funding as a new launch console it will be MASSIVE. For Sony to not have come last this gen we needed to see Wii numbers now after the major changes they made. Ther is little else but further price drops for Sony.