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I dont know why PS3 Fanboy are fighting over every 1k over or underestimation of Wii or PS3... It is good that in this generation we are seeing lot of competition between all three consoles... The committment shown by the three manufacturers is appreciatable... N it is helping the customers in the end..

So if Wii had not been such a success Sony would never have decreased the price to $300 by now... n quality of new IPs Sony is putting out n providing free PSN would have been a dream.. Similarly the role of XBOX360 in making the console as a preferred choice of game development is another great achievement for all the console owners.. More n more developer n publisher are making console only games now..

So this has been a very good battle n it should not be made as war between owners of the console.. If PS3 move 8 - 10M consoles by the end of the generation in Japan only than it will mean a lot of HD quality JRPGs for the system.. n similarly the success of Wii has helped customers to get cheaper consoles early in this generation..