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PS3 will most likely also be on top at Media Create. However according to Famitsu PS3 is down 10k from last week which is quite a big fall (even if somewhat expected since last week saw a softwarepush from World Soccer). My guess is Wii is flat this week overall but will start to grow this forthcoming weeks thanks to a seasonal surge in sales (those are usually very good for Nintendosystems) and compelling software releases. Next week is Taiko 2 I believe. It will be interesting to see what that one does (and if it could have a slight effect on hardware sales).

DS may seem low now but will get a big lift next week thanks to the DSi LL. Reports are suggesting that it will do 100k or so the first week. After that it´s anyones guess how it will hold up but it will surely easily outperform PSPgo anyway.