CGI-Quality said:
kingpin785 said:
why are people so quick to call someone a fanboy for stating their opinion?

i couldn't care less if the game was exclusive to playstation or xbox. i just want the best gaming experience possible. i KNOW that tekken 6 could have been a better game if they focused on one system. i'm not saying that it would be a perfect because some of the things they decided to do with it weren't for the best.

i just feel this whole everything needs to go multiplatform and we're going to try and make it the exact same game for both systems isn't always the best move. there have been third party exclusives this gen that have sold really well. i think companies are sooo worried about money that its starting to effect the integrity of the games that we buy.

At the end of the day, i'm a customer. its no different than going out and eating at a resturant. if they bring out your meal and its not cooked right, is it ok for them to say "well we're trying to get this food out as fast as we can to as many people we can. also, the meal you ordered is hard to make, so it may not taste right" HELL NO! you would demand your money back and never eat there again.

i guess my whole point in starting this thread was to point out some of the silly things these companies do. i find it funny that gamers defend their actions sometimes.

Excellent points here.