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If Namco wasn't too busy being money hatted by Micro$oft then they would have found the solution that would have made their pockets and everybody happy. Released the game in 2008 for PS3 then ported the game for X360 and released it 2009. They would have gotten all those huge sales numbers from PS3 and also gotten the smidge of sales from X360. The fans would have loved them and they would have profited.

The trouble is, Micro$oft is too smart and too rich for the optimal solution to have been reached. Micro$oft probably paid extra just to delay the PS3 version from being released and also to make it so that both versions were equal. Don't you just love Micro$oft? Always fucking around with their competitor's customers.

Are you serious? The sales for the PS3 version of Street Fighter 4 is 1.44 million and the sales for the 360 version is 1.28 million. They sold approximately the same so stop using bs facts for your arguments. If the PS3 version was finished first and would be superior if released exclusive then why does it have atrocious loading times in comparison to the 360 version? Your arguments are fanboy bs. Namco decided to release it multiplat on their own because it is obvious that the fighter genre is much weaker this gen than last. If you want to be blind and continue ignoring common sense be my guest. That fact that you don't understand that any serious fighter fan would have a arcade stick to use and would never use the standard console controller shows how lost you are.

Because the port was worked on later and the original came earlier????

That time used for porting could have been used for optimizing the ps3 version. Needing a 4GB install just to be comparable to the "LATER PORT" version of the game would pretty much give you the impression the PS3 version was shelved.