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According to the most recent game in the series, Tekken has always thrived on sony consoles (psp/psn).  I personally did not pick it up once it lost exclusivity, this is due to the port being "hampered" by making it equal on both platforms.  I would rather have a game maxed out for one platform, then dumbed down to fit on two.  So I believe it "hurt" the sales of the series; contrary to populer belief most of the ps2 crowd has two consoles this gen (ps3/wii or ps3/360).  I do not believe that crowd just decided to not partake of the ps3 experience this generation, that makes no sense especially seeing most have a ton of games for the ps2 that are still compatible on about 3/4 of the current consoles being used by the ps3 market share.  My brother and like 10 of my cousins opted to not pick up tekken this time (we all have dark resurection from the psn though).  So for a game that has only a graphical upgrade of the psn version, I say it is not worth 60 dollars or my time.