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ironman said:
vlad321 said:
ironman said:

It's a nifty little thing called scaling. instead of using the space of a football field, you can use a portion of your living room, just enter the width and lenth and it will scale down the playing area. Also, No buttons opens up the realm of possibilities, indtead of pushing a button one could say a command or perform a simple predefined gesture... Once again, do you honestly think MS hasn't thought of this?

So I move a milimeter and I'm on the otherside of the map? Also I'll be yelling "SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT DUCK" and hope my hair turns long and blonde in the mean time? And yes, I honestly don't think MS has thought of this. It sounds to me like they made an amazing inerface design for windows and just tried to tack it on the Xbox.

But please, go on ahead and use your voice commands and stuff, that should make using a mousse and a keyboard for shooters infinitely faster and more professional then.

Ah yes, the old "oops, I didn't see you said the word 'could' in there." And the only reason you would be out of the map if you move a MM would be because you set your playing area to a rediculously small space.

You don't get it.... Scaling WILL not work. In the game the maps ar several hundred steps in one direction, your living room is probably less than 10. You ake half a step and you are 1/5th of the map away.... that is all messed up.


As I said, as innovative and cool the iPhone is, it won't be cooking my breakfast any time soon, hell I can't even use it as a spatula.

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